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Renamon by WhatIsThis
My mate and I have been on this Renamon (well mostly digimon in general) kick lately. Even though I got a few art projects that I need to tackle, I really wanted to pump out a quicky. So I felt completely inspired to draw Renamon in my style and personally, I am please with myself.

Also, I didn't illustrate any visible genitals buuuuuut because I did add blush to the breast, to play it safe, I am making this as mature.

Art © Me
Renamon © Bandai
[Trade]Ma'ashes by WhatIsThis
Other Names:
Mihos, Maahes

(G/R Mihos) - "True Before Her(?)" A fairly obscure Name of Netjer depicted as a lion-headed man and worshipped especially in Upper Kemet and into Nubia (perhaps through confusion with the Nubian lion-god Apedemak) in later times, Maahes is often said to be the son of Bast and Ptah, and is sometimes considered another son of the Triad of Mennefer (beside Nefertem and sometimes Imhotep). He is depicted carrying a large knife and is invoked to protect the innocent and to punish transgressors of Ma'at.
Source Author: Rev. Tamara Siuda

This illustration was for a trade with Sarytsenuwi (she has an etsy and makes and sells clay figures).

Art © me
Commission guide v2 by WhatIsThis
Commission guide v2
Note this is just a base price. It may go up or down depending on what is being asked and complexity. Illustrations shown are examples of what I can do and not of price.

I am ok with illustrating SFW material and NSFW material.

As guide states, I work through paypal only.

Please drop me a note if you are interested <3
Sekhmet by WhatIsThis

Other Names:

(G/R Sachmis) - "Powerful Female" First noted in a myth describing Ra's vengeance upon his enemies, Sekhmet, an unstoppable force from which humankind was delivered only by the timely intervention of a moment of levity (embodied in public drunkenness), is an "aggressive" form of the Name of Hethert (Sekhmet was not originally a Name in and of Herself; it is in fact more accurate to refer to Her from earlier times as Sekhmet-Hethert, or Hethert-Sekhmet.) Eventually Sekhmet would develop both a cult and a "personality" quite distinct from Hethert, as the Eye of Ra associated with divine vengeance. As a healer, Sekhmet's power to destroy things utterly would be invoked against the invisible "demons" of plague and disease; Sekhmet's priesthood in antiquity were trained surgeons of remarkable caliber, given the standards for medicine in the ancient world. Thousands of statues of Sekhmet, carved from Aswan red granite, were erected to line processional ways during the New Kingdom as a way to placate the "Red Lady" and encourage Her to turn back the plagues which came into the country at that time. Sekhmet as a destroyer is paired with Ptah the creator and Nefertem the healer at Mennefer, and Her destructive lioness-visage found echo in the images of the Names of Mut and Mertseger down-country in Uaset. Sekhmet's strongest attribute, like that of the lioness Her symbol, is that of appropriate action, especially appropriate violence/destruction.
Source Author: Rev. Tamara Siuda

Art © Me


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I think it is about time I get premium. 3,836 for 24 months!

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School for me starts on the 5th, which is Monday. I got my books and I plan to get supplies this weekend.
Don't worry, commissions are still open while I'm in school!
I also feel like I should update my commission price page so that it has updated art and isn't so confusing. Should I change my prices or lower them? What do you guys think? I don't want to completely lower my standards but I need moneys rolling in.


Paypal: liliumokain[at]hotmail[dot]com
US$5 Bust special going on!
My usual prices are listed here:…

Etsy -

Available Adoptable(s):

$5 Adoptable.2 by WhatIsThis US$10 US$5
Adoptable Eel Girl Auction by WhatIsThis Adoptable Auction

Money needed for (the reason why I cannot do freebies):
New computer = approx 400USD
Rent = 800USD



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